EGMA Optical Supplies consists of seviral divisions underneath the main umbrella of the company.  The divisions include Ophthalmic Lenses, Eyewear and Instruments.

With every venture EGMA always strives towards success, whether it is our unmatched customer service or implementation of the latest technology and innovation in the world of optics. 

The latest additions to the EGMA family include the prestigious brands of Mercedes Benz, Dunhill, Baldessarini.  We are very proud to be able to represent and supply the most high-end luxury designs with expert quality throughout the industry in our region.

Our operations are based in UAE, Qatar and Oman, yet we offer our services and products to the entire Arabian Gulf Countries and North Africa.

3D Freeform is our standard!

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  • Up to 10% wider visual fields
  • Up tp 20% less swim effect
  • Up to 10% less astigmatism

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