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Your optical store is more than a collection of shelves and displays. EGMA Concepts was founded with the aim of addressing a growing need in the market for visionary store designs that maximize the customer shopping experience as well as the day-to-day store operations – all of which contribute towards healthier business growth. EGMA Concepts leverages the over 40 years of experience that EGMA has within the Optical Industry – translating actionable insights into efficient design that functions as a performance driver for the store and the business. For more information on how to revolutionize your existing store into a smart store, reach out to us at concepts{at}, call us at +971(0)4 326 2000 or drop us a message using the contact form below.

Smart Store Elements

Storage Plan

The revolutionary Dual Storage system allows for more efficient storing of eyewear products. Store up to 210 eyeglasses or 300 cases in a 1m wall space.

Display Plan

Contemporary design, functional features and beautifully designed LED lightning to add luxury to your shop.

Product Portfolio

Showcase multiple brands and products efficiently without losing your store identity and wall space.


The store design takes into account integrated space needed for brand marketing and visuals to help customers make their purchase decision.

Clinic Support

Labs are areas usually just reserved for opticians. By opening the space, customer are now transparent to the whole process.

Software Systems

The proper software systems help with stock inventory, auditing and purchasing – all of which helps improve the day to day operations.

Digital Display

Digital Display surfaces help in the marketing and display of strategic brands in a cost efficient way.

Unlimited Options

Adaptable designs and numerous individual decoration possibilities ensure that any store look can be achieved.

Steps To Building Your Smart Store

Great optical store interiors are as much about the customer experience and store efficiency as they are good looks. The making of an ideal optical store is a journey. Let’s develop your smart store together.

Step 1: Developing a Business Plan

Business plans are inherently strategic. We start here by drawing from your current resources and abilities. You want to get to a there, a point in the future (usually 3 to 5 years out) at which time your business will have a different set of resources and abilities as well as greater profitability and increased assets. Our plan shows how you will get from here to there.

Step 2: Create Investment Portfolio

Once we have set the Business Plan, it’s now time to start planning on how to achieve the best return on investment. We set the “Ideal Display” and the “Optimal Usage Of Space” that will result in a higher number of walk-ins and higher “Hit Ratio” (transaction per walk-in).

Step 3: Design The Concept

Once you have found the right design for your store, it is now time to start planning for financing. We devise interactive equations to estimate crucial components and ensure optimized planning for more store “walk-ins”, proper product display and overall visual appeal of the entire store.

Step 4: Develop the Design

Once the design and the store investment is finalized, the next step is preparing and submitting the required documents and paperwork for approval. Don’t worry, our team of engineers and consultants are there to help you finalize all required documents and submit them for approval with the right entities.

Step 5: Set The Budget

Budget constraints and finances are key facts in all projects and need to be considered from the early design stages. With Bill of Quantities and detailed cost estimates, at each step of the project you can monitor how much will be invested in various aspects like design, products, operation and maintenance while also helping you keep track of expected returns, depreciation and planned profit for 5 years.

Step 6: Select Smart

Our displays and fixtures are elegant, simple and functional with modular features, new materials and custom decorative possibilities

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. This sets our projects apart from anything else in the market. All items are highly customizable, functional and flexible, reliable and durable with optimal value for money ratio.

Step 7: Plan The Project

Detailed project program with all required components and milestones need to be defined to ensure smooth progression through the various phases of design, approvals, fit out and execution.

Step 8: Plan The Procurement

Once all items are defined, it is important that all the component specifications are finalized and that they are all purchased in a timely fashion. Failure to do so will cause unexpected delays in project realization with financial implications and even possible penalties.

Step 9: Delivery & Installation

EGMA’s team of trained professionals will ensure smooth delivery and installation with the support of a Supervisor and will offer extensive support throughout the whole phase.

Step 10: Warranty & Support

Our dedicated team of experts will provide continuous and extensive support throughout the lifespan of your store so you have nothing to worry about.

Find Out How EGMA Can Help You Develop Your Smart Store

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