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The Optical Industry and the practice of optometry is a vast area that combines commercial, medical and technical aspects. This combination makes it a rapidly growing industry with many new innovations and technologies introduced on a regular basis. At EGMA Institute, we understand the challenges and hurdles that face optometrists as well as sales representatives. To address this, we designed a training program that takes both an optometrist or a optical store sales person through a series of interactive courses and provide them the practice knowledge and confidence in order to raise their work proficiency.

Who Is It For?

EGMA Institute courses are designed and segregated into two major parts. The first part is directed towards Optometrists who require the basic knowledge of optometry and lenses. This course is ideal for those striving to learn more about the advanced techniques used in the examination of the eye. This course path will help the Optometrist to gain advanced and up-to-date knowledge in the optical and lens industry.

The second part is designed to target non-optical individuals (i.e. sales representatives) who may not necessarily have an optical background but joined this field. The course path will provide the fundamental general concepts required to do their job professionally.

Training Levels

Level 1

OPTOMETRY: Understanding the science of refractive errors which include Myopia (Short Sightedness), Hyperopia (Long Sightedness), Astigmatism and Presbyopia (Vision after 40).

OPHTHALMIC DISPENSING: Learning basic ophthalmic lenses dispensing which includes measuring the inter pupillary distance, frames measurement and determining minimum blank size as a refresher before proceeding into deeper dispensing topics.

Level 2

OPTOMETRY: Learning about taking the patient’s eye history and gathering the necessary information about the patient’s chief complaint, visual function, systemic health and lifestyle. Use this information for better diagnosing and determining the right decision.

OPHTHALMIC DISPENSING: Learning about reference point placement, multifocal heights placements.

Level 3

OPTOMETRY: Going through the Visual Acuity test types, the importance of measuring and recording the Visual acuity and acuity with Pinhole as a baseline for future examinations.

OPHTHALMIC DISPENSING: Occupational progressive lenses (Office lenses or Extended near focus).

Level 4

OPTOMETRY: Learning how to perform step by step subjective refraction using both the trial frame and the phoropter. This will include sphere refinement, cylinder and axis using the Jackson Cross cylinder and binocular balancing. This level will be a combination of theory and practical aspects.

OPHTHALMIC DISPENSING: Troubleshooting in Progressive Lenses and common problems.

Level 5

OPTOMETRY: This level will touch upon fundamentals of Retinascopy and its importance in the clinical practice. This level will be a combination of theory and practical aspects.

OPHTHALMIC DISPENSING: Learning about the theory of characteristics of ophthalmic lenses.

Level 6

OPTOMETRY: Learning more about binocular vision evaluation using specific examinations like the Worth 4 Dot and the Cover Test, in addition to evaluating the motility of the eye’s muscles

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. This level will be a combination of theory and practical aspects.

OPHTHALMIC DISPENSING: Learning to use the Impressionist machine for measurement of individualized progressive lenses.

Level 7

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Level 8

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Level 9

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Level 10

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Level 11

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Level 12

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