EGMA Marketing

EGMA has assembled a team of marketing experts who are dedicated in identifying ways to improve your brand’s performance. In addition, viagra 100mg we work with our partners to develop marketing campaigns and other activities that will increase store footfall and daily transactions. With our years of experience, we can develop strategies and detailed execution plans that will help achieve any marketing objective.


Digital Marketing

With digital channels playing an ever increasing role, we have the experience of creating, devising and refining channel strategies and driving channel engagement to increase mind share among potential customers as well as translating it into bottom line sales. With a combination of engagement tactics and campaigns we have the expertise to improve a brand’s presence on critical digital channels including social media.

In-Store Marketing

Stores are the primary purchase channel for most optical stores. In order to encourage customer footfall and daily transactions, we create marketing promotions, Gifts With Purchase and store level activities with the help of store management and staff. These initiatives help positively impact potential customers and convert them into purchasing loyal customers.

Graphic Design

EGMA can offer our in-house design services as part of our marketing offerings to partners. This service can be used to supplement existing teams our partners may already have. Our in-house team has the ability to create everything from store visuals and flyers to billboard visuals that can be used to highlight specific eyewear brands or our partners themselves.

Launches & Campaigns

At EGMA, we work with our partners to maximize brand impact by devising brand launches at strategic partner stores. These store brand launches are usually accompanied by store takeovers, promotions and media exposure to help customers interact with a brand and help drive sales. We also run periodic campaigns in-store and on other channels to engage customers and convert them into brand buyers.

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