EGMA offers two different categories of lenses to cater to the diverse customer needs in the MENA region. No matter which choice you make, these lenses guarantee the highest quality standards and after sales support to ensure you (our partner) and your customers are always satisfied.

Rodenstock Lenses

Since 1877, Rodenstock has been pursuing a single goal: Better Vision. In doing so, Rodenstock makes sure to meet all requirements of any spectacle wearer. To facilitate this, the Rodenstock lens portfolio has been divided into three categories: “Rodenstock Superior”, “Rodenstock Excellence” and “Rodenstock Perfection”.

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EGMA Lenses

At EGMA Lenses, we offer a unique range of ophthalmic lenses that are produced using the latest German technology and machinery. With our unique combination of lens production, lens coatings and treatments, we focus on making lenses that fit the needs of the MENA market – the region’s climate and consumer behavior.

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Which Lens Collection Is Right For You

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