EGMA Lenses

With an impressive history in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region, EGMA is one of the most trusted optical manufacturers and distributors. Over the years, our policy has been to provide the highest quality products through the use of innovative technological advancements. At EGMA we use the latest German technology and highly skilled engineers to bring you the latest in advanced lenses. We continue to pursue excellence in all aspect of the business. Through the use of continued market analysis, we are able to continuously innovate in the manufacturing and production of lenses to match the needs of the market

EGMA Lens Types

Leaf RX lenses are softer and less likely to be scratched than mineral lenses thanks to a unique scratch-resistant coating that EGMA offers. They are low-density and thus very light. These unique advantages, along with a manufacturing process that relies on the latest German technology ensures that lens wearers have the absolute best when it comes to their vision needs.

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Our Progressive lenses are designed to address the growing needs of the 40+ year old segment. Progressive lenses pose significant challenges with respect to creating various vision zones and limiting distortion in viewing angles. By using the latest advancements in lens technology EGMA Progressive lenses can now provide the best solution for any progressive vision needs.

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