Rodenstock Lenses

There are considerable quality differences between eyewear lenses on the market. By choosing the Rodenstock brand, you choose quality, tradition, and security. There is more than 135 years of research knowledge and revolutionary technologies in every Rodenstock product. The highest level of craftsmanship, precision grinding, exquisite materials and innovative lens coatings are foundational aspects upon which you can rely on and be assured that you are receiving lenses that are the best in the world.

Which Lens Is Right For You

Rodenstock Category


For The Quality Aware
If you value better vision and reliable quality in a product with attractive cost-effectiveness, then a Rodenstock Superior lens is the right one for you.

For The Sophisticated
If you want a tried and proven product and expect considerable improvement to your vision quality and visual comfort, then the Rodenstock Excellence lens is right for you. With these lenses you get product performance with convincing cost-effectiveness.

For Perfectionists
If you are only satisfied by the best and place the highest demands on the quality of your spectacles, then the Rodenstock Perfection lens is right for you. With these lenses you get the best vision without compromise. You also get the most innovative and effective product in the market.

The Rodenstock Difference

Rodenstock Coatings

• Easy to care for and dust-repellent lenses
• Long-lasting thanks to scratch resistance and durability
• Very good aesthetics due to very good reflection reduction
• Rodenstock brand quality and brand promise

Intelligent Lenses

Rodenstock’s Colormatic IQ lenses helps your eyes adjust to the changing brightness levels and offer more relaxed and comfortable vision. These innovative lenses contain around one trillion photochromic molecules. When UV light hits these molecules, they unfold – like many thousand umbrellas – and darkens the lenses. This process allows the lenses to be self-tinting land adapt automatically to any light situation. They also offer comfortable and glare-free vision at all times. These lenses offer guaranteed 100% UVA and UVB protection up to 400nm. This ensures optimum protection of the eyes as well as the surrounding areas while preventing premature aging of the skin.

  • Outstanding Vision Experience

    Absolutely clear appearance indoors just like conventional glasses and pleasantly dark in the sun

  • Intelligent Tinting

    Fast tint shifting from light to dark and back depending on lighting conditions

  • Optimal Protection

    UV protection, glare protection and relaxed vision at all times

Rodenstock Quality

Rodenstock has stood for the highest-quality glasses for more than 135 years. To meet the highest standards, Rodenstock has developed strictly defined quality assurance processes that ensure only perfect lenses and frames leave the company. Prerequisites for production of the highest quality products are strict criteria that are laid down in comprehensive guidelines. These criteria include specific technical, optical and haptic properties of the products for example uniform hinge movement or the perfect purity of lenses.

The customer, then, experiences this quality as glasses with exceptional wearing comfort, low weight and high durability. Rodenstock products are subjected to extensive quality tests even in the development stage. All the individual parts of the first samples are checked for the required quality

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. In addition, special machines and equipment test the long-term reliable operation of each individual element, for example the stability of the hinge movement even after opening and closing the sides thousands of times. After a new product is released, Rodenstock conducts constant monitoring and registers every complaint which immediately initiates improvement measures.

The Rodenstock ‘R’ Trademark

The Rodenstock “R” is a symbol of innovation and precision. It is a symbol of the unique “made in Germany” quality and reliability. The Rodenstock trademark has been found on all products since 1991. If you have chosen lenses from Rodenstock, you will find the Rodenstock “R” on the right lens. You will also find it on the outside of the sides on your Rodenstock frame.

A Single Source for Frames and Lenses

Rodenstock is the only manufacturer that offers you the both frames and lenses from the same source so you have the best of both worlds. We safeguard the heritage outlined by Josef Rodenstock still to this day and allow it to continue living in all products and every Rodenstock innovation. It is the sum of even the tiniest detail that makes glasses from Rodenstock so unique. It is something that no other manufacturer in the world can offer: a System of Better Vision. It is the perfect interplay between high-precision Rodenstock lenses, perfectly matched Rodenstock frames, and competent, individual measurement and advice. This interplay guarantees you not only receive the best vision, but the best look at the same time.

Visual impairments are not a disease, but can be remedied very easily if you understand the system of vision in its entirety.Josef Rodenstock